Create & Send Christmas Invitation Card In Bulk - 2023

Share the spirit of the holiday season with a Christmas invitation card that features traditional symbols like the Nativity scene, snowflakes, or Christmas trees.

How to create & send unlimited christmas invitation cards:

Send Bulk Personalized Certificates

Download a christmas invitation template from slidesgo OR canva into google slides

In canva, once you select christmas invitation card template, connect your google drive with canva & click share to google drive. If you are using slidesgo, just download the card template slide and open it in google slides. You can create your own template as well. Put data that you want to replace in '{{ }}'.

Paste Spreadsheet URL containing the data

Open the add-on in the google slide that has the template. Copy the link of the spreadsheet containing data you want to put on the card or certificate template. Paste this link in the spreadsheet url box in the add-on.

Map Column Names to Variables in Slides™

You will see slide data on left. And a dropdown containing spreadsheet column names on right. Map slide data to the column name you want to replace with.

Add or edit the Gmail™ template

Add a gmail template containing subject and the mail body. You can personalize it by using {{column name}}

Click to send emails

Once done, click on 'Test Template' to first check and confirm how your email will look. If satisfied, click on 'Create Certificate' to create and send all the cards, invitations, certificates in seconds.
Unlimited Usage
Send unlimited certificates, invitations, cards in a few clicks. You can create unlimited templates. Fetch Unlimited Data. There is no restriction on the number of personalized certificates or cards or invitations you can send per day. Except for the limit put on by the gmail.
Emails are quickly sent to the receiver's email using Gmail API, which is fast and quick.
Send Certificates in Bulk
You can easily send as many certificates, invitations etc as you want. There is no limit to how much you can send.
User Friendly
This tool is designed for all users, advanced knowledge is not required. So, It's easy and fast to send certificates in bulk.
No Time Limit on Free Trial. No Watermark
Powerful Tool
You can access this tool online on the internet using any browser from any operating system. Just need the internet connection and you are good to go.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set emails of all receiver accounts?
Create a column name 'email' in the spreadsheet containing the data. Add the list of emails of reveivers to the sheet. And done! When you will copy and paste this spreasheet in the add-on, it will automatically set the receivers' emails as the 'email' column.

How can I personalize the invitation cards or the certificates?
You can add {{variable_name}} to the invitation card template in google slide. You can then map this {{variable_name}} to one of the spreadsheet columns.

Is it possible to personalize the email as well?
Yes. Add {{spreadsheet_column_name}} you want to add data from in the email text. And you are good to go.

Can I send from a custom email account?
Set the values of TO in the add-on to the custom email address you want to send mails from. All your invitations and certificates will be bulk sent from that email.

How many custom invitations can I send?
UNLIMITED! The only restriction is the limit set by your gmail account. You can increase the daily limit by getting a team's account.
Looking to create and send beautiful Christmas invitations in bulk? Look no further than our easy-to-use invitation card creator and email sender tool!
With our tool, you can easily create beautiful and unique Christmas invitations in bulk quantities. Simply upload the Christmas invitation template that you like to the google slides. For starters, you can choose Christmas invitation template from canva and download it to google slide. Or, pick a nice template from There are many other sites to explore Christmas invitation templates.
Once selected, simply upload the template to google slides. Open Certificate Monkey add-on in the slide. From there, you can customize the template to your liking, including adding your own text, images, and other design elements. You can even upload your own images to use in your invitation.

Once you've finished designing your Christmas invitation cards, you can easily customize and personalize the template. Enter the link of spreadsheet containing user data that you want to add to the template. Once link is pasted, map the variables in slide to the column names in the spreadsheet. This is very easy to do with our tool. Takes about 10seconds. When done, send your invitations to multiple recipients at once, by just clicking on 'Create Certificate' saving you time and effort. So if you're looking to create and send beautiful Christmas invitations in bulk, look no further than our invitation card creator and email sender tool. Start creating and sending your invitations today and make your next Christmas event a truly special one!

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